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Healthy Cuisine: A Wellness Guide for Diabetes

This course will cover healthy and balanced eating as well as lifestyle factors to help take the stress out of living with diabetes. Cuisine at Home Magazine and Kelly Schmidt, the Diabetic Dietitian, will teach every diabetic how to live their best life.

We’ll cover:

• Understanding blood sugars

• Battling stress – both food and non-food related

• Gut health

• Discuss macronutrients and how they each affect your body

• Meal prep techniques and tricks

• Building skills and routines to maintain your health

• How to lose weight the right way

• Navigating social situations so you don’t feel like you have to miss out

• Cooking healthy and balanced meals and snacks

Plus, you'll get access to a printable Wellness Guide and Recipe Collection of more than 30 healthy recipes from Kelly Schmidt and Cuisine at Home.

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