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Peeling Garlic Made Easy

Peeling garlic can be a sticky, time-consuming mess. Follow this simple tip to make your life a bit easier.

Keep Drinks Covered

Avoid getting bugs or sand in your drinks while enjoying time outside with a simple trick using a kitchen staple.

How to Freeze Cookie Dough

With this simple tip of freezing cookie dough, freshly baked cookies are are just minutes away at all times!

How to Prepare Rhubarb

Do you have a bundle (or a bushel) of rhubarb? Make sure you're preparing it correctly with these easy tips!

Easier Hard Cooked Eggs

Skip the messy hassle of peeling hard cooked eggs with this genius tip that bypasses the peeling step.

Double Duty Huller

Put this rarely used kitchen tool to good use in this tip that makes deboning fish easy as can be.

How to Test Baking Powder

Not sure if your baking powder is still good to use? Check out this simple how-to trick to determine if it is still good to use.