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With in-depth cooking articles and step-by-step cooking videos, we’ll help you learn more about how to cook great food at home. Master cooking techniques that will make you successful in the kitchen, and take a closer look at some of our favorite ingredients. Learn everything from how to cure meats to making cheese at home, plus find Test Kitchen-approved techniques for getting tricky treats like hollandaise sauce and flaky pie crust to turn out perfectly.

Slicing Eggplant

To prepare eggplant for rollatini, trim off the top and bottom, then slice the fruit lengthwise into long, thin slices, about a 1/4-inch thick.

Blind Baking (Pizza Dough)

Blind baking is a technique for prebaking deep dish pizza dough -- as well as some pastry crusts. Dried beans, rice, or pie weights are used to keep the sides of …

Preparing Seafood for Ceviche

This video shows you how to properly cut the seafood for the Citrus Ceviche so it cooks evenly and is easy to eat.

Pitting Avocados

When pitting an avocado, cut it in half, then use a spoon to scoop out the pit. The skin can be pulled off by hand.

Using Lemongrass

Learn how to prepare lemongrass for cooking with with this short technique video from the test kitchen of Cuisine at Home magazine. We’ll show you which part to use …

Trimming Tenderloin

Before cooking a pork tenderloin, first remove the white membrane, called silverskin. It's a simple procedure that takes just a few minutes.

Stuffing Chicken Breasts

Follow this straight-forward technique for stuffing the perfect Chicken Kiev.

Rolling a Burrito

Here's the perfect technique for keeping your filling right where it should be.

Forming Burgers

All you need to shape the Outrageous Burgers is a fork. As you press the patties, be careful not to mash the meat - gentle pressure is best.

Cutting Up a Chicken

Learn how to cut up a whole chicken with this technique video from the test kitchen of Cuisine at Home magazine. We’ll show you how to get the most …

Double Skewering

Using two skewers is an easy way to prevent the lamb from spinning around when it comes time to flip them during cooking.

Cleaning Mussels

Mussels are delicious to eat, but sometimes mysterious as for what to do with them. Follow these easy steps for getting these mollusks clean!

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